Yokota 40cm carbon steel wooden handle flat head trowel

Short Description:

Steel plate length:400mm

Steel plate width:90mm

Steel plate thickness:0.6mm

Steel plate material:carbon steel

Handle material:solid wood

Product weight:445g

Type of packaging:carton

Packing quantity:48PCS

Package volume:0.05m³



Application Scenario:interior decoration,Cement leveling,engineering construction,Painting……



Crystal Clear Surfaces with a Single Swipe

Introducing the Yokota 40cm Carbon Steel Wooden Handle Flat Head Trowel, crafted specifically for indoor renovations to bring a breath of fresh air to your space. This isn’t just a tool; it’s an indispensable companion on your renovation journey. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a passionate DIY enthusiast, you’ll find satisfaction in this flat head trowel.

Precision in Design

With its ideal length of 40cm, this tool provides ultimate convenience for your indoor projects. The sharp and durable carbon steel blade effortlessly tackles every inch of your walls. The thoughtfully designed wooden handle ensures a smooth grip, making tasks such as patching, smoothing, and spreading a breeze.

Creating Pristine Wall Surfaces

Beyond practicality, this flat head trowel is designed with aesthetics in mind. The finely polished carbon steel head guarantees a silky smooth finish with every stroke, leaving your wall surfaces pristine. The wooden handle design ensures comfortable usage for extended periods, helping you complete each step of the process with ease.

Attention to Detail

Yokota adheres to the philosophy of “Attention to Detail,” dedicating itself to providing the best tools for every renovator. This 40cm Carbon Steel Wooden Handle Flat Head Trowel embodies our commitment to thoughtful design. Every aspect reflects our dedication to the quality of renovations, offering meticulous care for your indoor spaces.

Effortlessly Embark on Your Renovation Journey

Choosing the Yokota 40cm Carbon Steel Wooden Handle Flat Head Trowel means embarking on a seamless indoor renovation journey. Let’s face the challenges of indoor spaces together, meticulously smoothing and creating a perfectly polished home. Yokota is with you, co-creating a warm haven that’s uniquely yours.

From now on, let Yokota be your trusted partner in indoor renovations, turning every wall into a canvas of warmth and brilliance.


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